Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Redoxon Fortimun; an Expert in Body Immune System

Bayer HealthCare-Consumer Care (BHC-CC) has launched its latest vitamin Redoxon Fortimun.

Redoxon Fortimun protects the human immunity at three levels: skin, immune cells, and antibody. Redoxon Fortimun is marketed in effervescent formula, a single tube contains of 10 tablets.

Soft launch activities started as early as the last quarter in 2007 with health seminars within the Indonesian Doctors Community. Besides print in Indonesia’s major coverage newspapers, health magazines and tabloids, a TV commercial entitled “The Book” was also launched in key nation wide television programs. Radio talk shows were also organized.

Other marketing activities include attractive point of sale materials such as wobblers, shelf talkers and flag chains, and direct consumer marketing activities.

One of the major marketing activities in channels is “Rumah Sehat Redoxon” or Redoxon Healthy House formulated in one big booth. The objective is to educate consumers that viruses and bacteria are everywhere, even at your clean house. A great enthusiasm was shown by consumers. Redoxon Fortimun team also concerns about the medical side of this product, a clinical trial to observe the body impact towards body immune system with the supplement of vitamin and mineral which were contained in Redoxon Fortimun. This is to show that Redoxon Fortimun cares only the best for its consumers. Success to Redoxon Fortimun!

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