Friday, November 27, 2009

Medical Assistant Opportunity

Now, there are many opportunities in medical jobs. As we know, right now peoples more care about their health. Many people go to medical program to remove their disease or improve their health. So there is good opportunity in medical assistant jobs. There is not easy for completing our competences in medical assistant. As a sample, if you want to become a nurse you shall have a LPN (License Practical Nurse). But don’t worry there are many medical academy that can release LPN for you. By the way, what is LPN?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs), or licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) (in California and Texas), or registered practical nurses (RPNs) (in Ontario, Canada). It does take about 9-12 months to become LPN, usually no degree earned, many just have a certificate and not a degree, trained to take vital signs, i.e., height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and pulse. pass certain medications, can do certain skills like treating bed sores and other wounds / dressing changes, etc.. Feature articles bring the practical nurse up-to-date on what he or she needs to know about caring for patients with common disease states, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, neurologic diseases, diabetes, and wounds. Full-color artwork illustrates and reinforces key points to enhance the learning process. Regularly appearing departments address important clinical concerns, such as continence, mobility, nutrition, infection, and patient safety. LPN helps the practical nurse strengthen his or her clinical skills and build confidence while also offering advice on documentation, practice issues, and career development.