Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips for Keeping the Ears Healthy

How often do you clean your ears? Did you know, too often to clean your ears could be bad for the health of your ear.

Usually our ear cleaned with cotton buds, according to experts is not a good habit, because it will make the cotton buds pushed the dirt into the basin near the eardrum. If it settles for too long and go hardened, it can interfere the ear canal. Sometimes can caused hearing problem.

Not only dirt that could interfere with the ear, there are several types of objects that could endanger the health of the ear, how about to handle?

When we're swimming, shampooing or even bathing, sometimes unintentionally water will get into the ear. You do not need to worry if the water in clean water, because water will go out by itself. However, if the incoming dirty water, you must be careful, because the dirty water could be getting propped droppings inside the ear, for it immediately check to ENT specialist for further treatment.

Be careful to use cotton buds, cotton, because if left in would affect the hearing, the cotton will clog the ear drum to be hearing less. If you can not eliminate the habit of cleaning the ears with cotton buds, should be more careful in using it, not to scratch or stabs your eardrum.

Small insects or ants can also interfere with the ears. Inadvertence insects that enter the ear can make your ear infection from bites. For that look at your bedding, make sure that no insects can enter the ear.

Tips for maintaining healthy ears
  1. Do not clean the ears with cotton buds (if forced to, try to be careful)
  2. Try and get used chew food well, because chewing is a natural mechanism the body to remove impurities from the ear. Dirt can came out by itself and can be washed while bathing.


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