Monday, June 7, 2010

Take Care of Your Lovely Hair

Beautiful and strong hair is one thing that peoples dreamed. Some people take care their hair condition with anything’s. The simple ways in preserving hair health are shampoo and using the right kind of hairbrush. Using shampoo and conditioner properly can help improve your hair's health and condition also prevent you from hair losses. To maintain good hair growth you need good circulation to your scalp so use hairbrush for make a good circulation of your scalp. Don’t forget in keeping the hairbrush clean if you want to have beautiful hair.

Using shampoo and conditioner

Using shampoo and conditioner properly can help improve your hair's health and condition. For the first, consider what kind of shampoo and conditioner you want to use. There are lots of shampoo and conditioner, and each one claims to make your hair healthy and better. To pick the right shampoo and conditioner combination, you have to choose at least four to try first.

There are about four kinds of shampoos, but most of them are a combination of two or more types. For example, there are shampoos with sulfates that claim to be “natural” and are only for people with colored hair. There are shampoos that have no sulfates, claim to be “organic”, and are only for people with dry or damaged hair. Try to pick the four best products that sound good to you, and then judge them by how your hair feels after you tried that shampoos. Does your hair feel too dry or brittle? Is there a change in texture, good or bad? Is there excessive hair fall? How does your scalp feel (tingly, nothing etc.)?

Sometimes, using a shampoo and conditioner the right way can make your answers to these questions more on the positive side. Here's how you can shampoo and condition your hair effectively:
  1. First, make sure that your scalp and hair are completely wet. This means drenched. Make sure that you are using cold water, so that your hair does not become dry or brittle.
  2. Put only a quarter-size of shampoo onto your palm. Place the shampoo onto the back of your neck. Using the pads of your fingers, massage the shampoo and gradually move the suds up to the rest of your head.
  3. Massage your hair for at least two minutes. This will ensure that you are getting rid of dead skin cells.
  4. Using cold water, wash the shampoo out completely. Once you are sure that your hair is squeaky clean, use about three quarter-sized dollops of conditioner and place only on the tips of your hair. Leave the conditioner on for at least five minutes. Wash it for only thirty seconds.
By making sure that you do not put conditioner on your roots, you are helping to decrease your chances of developing dandruff.

Hopefully, these tips will teach you how to use your shampoo and conditioner more effectively, so that you can use them to help you attain healthy hair.

Brushing Your Hair

To maintain good hair growth you need good circulation to your scalp. You need also need a clean scalp with little oil and dirt accumulating in your hair follicles. The boar hairbrush helps you achieve this when you regularly brush your hair.

Brush your hair when it is dry. This prevents breaking of your hair. When you brush, the gentle pulling of your hair stimulates your scalp bringing in more blood to feed your hair. Also the slight pulling stimulates the release of oil from your follicles, which lubricates your hair.

Brush your hair with a boar bristle hairbrush twice a day for the best hair care in the morning and night. For short hair brush for three minutes and for long hair brush five minutes.

By bending your head to the floor, when brushing, you will increase the blood circulation to your scalp. Now, brush from your neck forward to the front of your scalp, then, from sides to your crown. Lastly, brush from the front of your scalp to the neck.

Cleaning Your Boar Hair Brush

If possible, you should clean your brush every day. If you have two or more hair brushes then it will be easier to do this. Your boar bristle hairbrush accumulates dirt and oils from hair when you brush. Without regular cleaning of your hairbrush, this dirt and oil will redeposit onto your hair. Over time this added dirt and oil will plug up your hair follicles and lead to hair thinning or permanent hair loss.

You can clean your brush every day when you shower. Clean it with shampoo and scrub the bristles with your hand back and forth. After cleaning, you can dry the brush with a towel and let it sit until the next day. By the next day, it is ready to use and your other brush is ready to be cleaned.

So, using a natural hairbrush like the boar bristle hair brush is the best way to care for your hair. Gentle daily brushing stimulates your scalp and keeps you hair healthy. But don' forget to keep your hair brush clean, since your don't want to put the dirt and oil on your brush back onto your scalp.

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