Wednesday, March 24, 2010

20 simple ways in valuing your body

Some peoples cannot feel comfortable with their body and live. Peoples like that inclined has loss their faith. Peoples like that can easily sick. Are you satisfied with your own body? If you aren’t satisfied with your own body, you can follow Margo Maine, Ph.D suggestion in valuing your own body, e.g.:
  1. Your body comes from great creative power of God so start to value’s your body.
  2. Make some table which fills the capability of your body and what are your bodies can do. Read and update this table everyday.
  3. Aware with what are your bodies can do everyday. Remember that your body is an instrument of your life not only an accessories.
  4. Make a list of peoples, who are your idol, peoples who have more positives contribution in your life, in society, and in this world. Look at them, are their physical look more important in enhancing their success and their achievement.
  5. Walking with upright heads, support with self-confidence.
  6. Don’t let your weight and posture of your body blocking you in enjoy your activities that you like.
  7. Use the comfortable clothes that you like and appropriate with your body.
  8. Count your favor from God and never count your bad luck.
  9. Think another things that you can achieve with the times and energy that used for worrying your body and style.
  10. Be a friend and supporter, not an enemy for your own body.
  11. Think that your skin can regenerate every month, your stomach can regenerate every 5 days, your liver can regenerate every 6 weeks and your bone can regenerate every 3 months.
  12. When you wake up in the morning, never forget to thanks to your God for the rest so your body feels fresh.
  13. When you go to bed in the night, never forget to say to your body, how important of your body in doing your activities all days.
  14. Find some sports exercise method that you can enjoy and you can do timely. Never doing sports exercise for fat losing or to attack your own body. Doing your sports exercise for your health, strength and because you can feel comfortable.
  15. List your 10 positive things of your body without think your physics.
  16. Write “I’m look interesting inner and outer” and adhere it in your dressing table.
  17. Find nice things in the world and inside your own body.
  18. Remember when you feel comfortable with your live and talk to your self if you can feel it again although you has not younger.
  19. Start talk to your self that lives is too short if spending for hating your own body.
  20. Eat when you are hungry and take a rest if you are tired. Find some friend who can help you to remember your outer and inner beauty.
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