Monday, February 8, 2010

Buying a Car

You need a car? You need buy a car? Don’t wasting your time for visiting car dealers. Because, there are lots of car dealer out there. Now there are lots of car dealers has a website. They have showed their showroom online on the Internet. From home you can choose your car needed and wanted. Before you make a transaction you can choose your car first.

You can tell a lot about how a car dealer treats people by what appears on their websites. It's important to visit their website first to get an idea of how they operate. Here are five things to look for when you visit.

1) Type/Model/Brand/Usage: For the first time you need stated your needed or wanted. There are lots of cars in car dealers. You will confuse when you there. Some times your choice become different when you see others model, type or brand. So, state your needed first. Another consideration is the car you need, buy used cars (compro auto usate) or buy new cars. Because there are lots of car dealers also selling used cars (vendita auto usate).

2) Prices on the Vehicles: Some car dealers website list the "price" as "Call". This is often an indication that the price of the vehicle depends on many variables. Our take - if they don't publish their prices, they're not ready to be open and honest with you even if you go there. With seeing the prices you also can predict your budget. Your need follow your budget or your budget follow your need.

3) Parts and Service: There are two types of franchise dealers - those who have strong parts and service department that are thriving and making money, and those who don't. As strange as it may sound, a dealer who is doing well on "fixed ops" are more likely to have better prices on their vehicles. Those who are struggling in service and parts need to make more money in sales to survive. It's that simple. Check out their service and parts pages on the website. If they are prominent, that's a good sign. With check out their service and parts store, you also can predict the maintenance cost of your car next.

4) Testimonials: Lots of car dealers website has ability to post written or video testimonials on there. This is an indicator, as many dealers just haven't been given the option yet, so not having testimonials is not necessarily a bad thing. Having them, however, is a good sign. When you in Italy and you need used cars in Milan (auto usate milano) you can visit there are some good testimonial.