Friday, January 15, 2010

Health Insurance. We need it or not?

As like as car auto insurance, in last decade health insurance becomes the most needed by several people. In fact health insurance more needed by several peoples than cheap auto insurance. It caused by more disease, illness, bad habit, accident and another health problems become something that scared for several people. For several people, health problem cost become big problem. It because we cannot predict how much money should be spend to cover this health problem cost. This statement as background a health insurance made. But what is Health Insurance? What types Health Insurance were made? What is instant auto insurance quotes? Are cheap insurance good?

Health insurance is insurance that offers protection in a case of unexpected medical emergencies. These medical emergencies include sudden illness, accident and so on, in which the health insurance policy pays for the hospitalization, medical and other costs incurred. Some Health Insurance Company offers a variety of innovative policies to choose from. Being associated with major insurance providers, they offer each plan to suit your budget and specific requirements. Purchased on a group basis or by individual consumers, our health insurance policies protect customers from high or unexpected healthcare expenses.

There are some types of Health Insurance that I have known:
  1. Individual Health Insurance: Individual health insurance is introduced keeping in mind individuals, rather than groups or organizations.
  2. Family Health Insurance: Family health insurance is a specific insurance that not only covers yourself, but also your entire family with one policy. Usually this insurance only covers you, your spouse and 3 dependent children up to the age of 18 years.
  3. Group Health Insurance: This insurance made in order to cover a group of people. Being considered as one of the major advantages offered by many employers, these insurances are generally uniform in nature, providing the same benefits to all employees or members of the group. These plans are popular because insurance companies may allow pre-existing conditions that they normally wouldn’t cover under an individual health insurance policy.
  4. Short-term Health Insurance: Short-term health insurance was arranged for people who are in between jobs, people who are waiting for group coverage to start, or if people who are a recent college graduate. Available for periods varying from 30 days to 1 year, the insurance is very affordable especially designed only to cover major medical expenses. If you are not covered by any insurance policies, then it is pertinent for you to request a free health insurance quote for short-term Health Insurance.
  5. Student Health Insurance: This insurance made for students who are not covered as a dependent under the Family Health Insurance or their institution is outside the HMO or PPO region or simply looking for a cheaper health insurance solution. People choose a private student health insurance as it enables them more choices concerning the doctors and hospitals to employ.
  6. Travel Health Insurance: Known as various names such as visitor insurance, overseas medical insurance medical insurance; travel insurance covers medical cost, personal accident, trip delay, loss of passport and many more risks while insured are traveling abroad.
  7. Dental Insurance: Dental insurance is an insurance that takes care of the costs associated with dental care. The insurance can be availed by an individual, a group or company and a family as well. In fact, employers generally offer group dental insurance to their employees. There are two types of the insurance available such as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO).
Purpose of buying a health insurance may different from person to person still the primary aim of health insurance is securing medical protection for self and family members. You can use the following tips to select a health insurance that suits you most.
  • Health insurance provides you protection for unforeseen medical expenses.
  • With the help of health insurance you can even afford to obtain costly specialized medical services.
  • You can use health insurance facility even for paying your regular medical services.
  • It provides you comparatively high quality medical services, which otherwise you would not have been able to afford, of a coordinated health plan.
  • It keeps you free from financial worries during your sickness.
  • Health insurance provides you the financial assistance during sickness, means when you need the money most.
  • It is more beneficial when your family is considerably larger and need medical treatment frequently.
  • Health insurance is most advisable to those who have number of dependents because you pay comparatively lesser premium, which is surely worth paying when considered the expenses you would have to pay to your physician.
  • Money acquired through Health insurance is not subjected to income tax so you get the tax-free money.
  • Another benefit you get is that you acquire the treatment at comparatively lower cost as health insurance agencies pay lower prices to health providers. If you were to obtain the same treatment at your own you might have to pay more amounts to doctors.