Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obesity! Can obesity attack children? How to prevent obesity in children?

Obesity not only attack adult. Obesity is also a child problem. Childhood obesity is not an easy thing to over come in today's society. As more and more fast food joints pop up in neighborhoods and advertisements of junk food keep aiming at children. It is not an easy task to sway your child to eating healthy and properly. It seems frustrating knowing there are so much unhealthy choices of consumption for your child. So what is a parent to do in this day and age?

Nutritionist says babies began to be treated for obesity as adults. These treatments include drugs that control weight, but gastric bypass surgery type.

Like adults, children are not easy or convenient to weight loss and so much of obese children turn into obese adults. The first objective in bringing the child to a healthy weight should not be in a first phase of excessive weight loss, but stopping the process of weight gain and thus time, as the child grows in height, distribution pounds will change.

In general, weight loss should reduce the number of calories consumed as solid food and liquids to make more movement and more importantly, to combine the two. Concept, one kilogram of fat contains 7,000 calories and then have to burn 7,000 calories to lose a kilo or to swallow 7,000 calories to make one kilograms.

For example, for a child to lose weight one kilograms every two weeks he should reduce daily caloric intake by 500 calories. At the same time, it is necessary to permanently numbers calories, if a calculation is made weekly, you will see where the excess.

Helping overweight children to lose weight is important, but is also essential to prevent obesity. This process should begin since childhood and is not easy, especially if the parents are overweight.

Bad eating habits and physical inactivity are the first manifestations of child behavioral tendency to weight gain.

Here are some measures that could be preventive but curative that can help children predisposed to obesity:
  • Limiting the number of calories from liquids they consume to the child. Many children drink too much fruit juice daily and carbonated liquids.
  • Avoid frequent meals of fast food.
  • Watch your portion sizes consumed at every meal. A common problem of overweight children is that portions are too large.
  • Children should not be forced to "clean plate". To learn to eat healthy, they need to know to stop when you are tired and even a little before.
  • Encourage daily physical activity should also be a priority, walking with her parents and grandparents, playing outside the house, cycling, team sports.
  • Limit TV and computer time granted and avoid eating during these activities.
  • Communication and discussions about healthy nutrition are important but excessive insisting on notions of "calorie", "fat" and "diet" in general, may frustrate the child and lead to imbalances. It is essential that the father be a model for children by eating well and how the physical activity took place daily.

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