Sunday, October 11, 2009

In less than 10 minutes for healthier alive

Until this time peoples think to become good health we must take exercise at fitness centre or consuming expensive organic food. This way really true but there many other ways also can salubrious body with no wasting time.

In less than 10 minutes habits will great affect for our body. Follow some short and simple ways to make body is healthier, like to quoted from Health24, Friday (9/10/2009), that is:

  1. Drink regularly. Everybody know that everyday we must drink 8 glasses of water. But better if imbibe it little but often, because if we direct drink in big portions can cause the loss of important nutrition from body.
  2. Tomato consumption. Tomatoes contain lycopene that is anti-oxide that is important to oppose cancer. Otherwise, if we don’t like eating raw, we can use sauce or tomatoes pasta.
  3. Breakfast. Breakfast is importance for energy source as activity supporting up to lunch later. If there is no more time, we can breakfast with fruit, milk or yogurt.
  4. Wash our hand with soap, is important to avoid virus or bacteria that can causes disease.
  5. Toothbrush, brushing tooth routinely 2 times a day can prevent tooth damage and mouth disease.
  6. Always use safety belt, with do that will protect you especially head and neck if there are something happen that not desirable.
  7. Use ladder. Use the ladder to aim your work room. If you put hand to floor 22nd, use the ladder up to floor 3rd or 4th before use elevator.
  8. Breathe in, do this regularly so can decrease level stress and avoid various disease.

The several things may be have heard often, but have you applied in life everyday?

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