Monday, September 14, 2009

Northumbria Numbers : Make your own private plate number

Did you live in UK? Did you have a new car? Did you want to offer some private plate number? Like F19 AJS, F18 BEN, N400 BOX, E384 VET, C8 ASH an more elegant number?

Northumbria Numbers is the great place for buying Private Plate Number for your special car. You can buy the private plate number ONLINE.

For more information please feel free to contact them through their website This website is very simple and easy to browse. Trough this website you can search the private plate number include the availability. You can make your own private plate number also.

Northumbria Numbers established in 1995 and situated in the Border County of Northumberland also known as "The Secret Kingdom", Northumbria Numbers pride themselves on giving the best service in the Cherished Numbers business.They have supplied thousands of private number plates to thousands of happy customers over the last decade.

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